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I have never had any type of reaction to any skin care product. I bought Garnier BB Cream, thought it looked like it would work good.

I put it on my face and within a day, my face was burnt, red and blotchy, and the texture turned orange peel. It's been over a week and my face is still burning and splotchy. I can't put anything else on it because it hurts. My eyes are very watery.

Never again will I buy any Garnier Products! This could scar my face. I've always had perfect skin.

I was shocked when I did a search for this product and found many people are having this issue. It should be recalled!

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I just tried it the other day because I said to myself "Oh, I finally found the best skin routine for myself, so why not try bb cream for a change?" NO. This product was so bad it gave pimple-like bumps all over my cheek area!!!

I am so upset because I had just cleared out my skin from my acne and now I'm back to square one. Do you have any advice on how to alleviate this irritation on my skin?


Same reaction

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