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I purchased the Garnier "Blow Dry Perfector" kit that claims to keep your hair sleek and easier to blow-dry for up to 7 washes. Here's just the tip of the iceberg that Garnier received from me as a complaint.

1.) The smell. The instructions say "there may be an odor" but that's got to be the understatement of the CENTURY. In fact, if you've got a weak stomach, I would think this stuff would make you vomit. It smells like a mixture between rotten eggs, sewer water, and pickle juice --I'm not exaggerating. This should have tipped me off that this stuff wasn't as "gentle" as it claimed to be, but I just wrote it off and used the 20-minute serum as directed.

2.) "The ruining"

When it finally came to rinse it out, I realized not only did my hair feel dryer, it felt coarser. I just thought "Okay, there's no way this could be real damage, it says in the instructions it's NOT a chemical-straightening system... Maybe once I condition it and put the blow dry cream in it will be fine." So I rinsed it out, conditioned, and applied the blow dry cream as directed. I began blow drying my hair with a round brush as recommended for a smooth blowout, and by the first piece of hair I knew something was horribly, TERRIBLY wrong. My hair was puffing up and breaking off like I had bleached it over 5 times in a row. It also took out my hair toner I put in to keep it from turning yellow! I couldn't believe it! Completely panicking and flabbergasted, I ran upstairs to my bathroom and quickly shampooed and conditioned this garbage out of my hair and then applied a conditioning treatment which ended up not being enough.

3.) Had to get it professionally "fixed." It won't be the same for a while --So 2 days after the debacle, I had to get my hair professionally conditioned and they had to cut so much out of my hair that it looks butchered. I went to the best hairstylist in my town and there wasn't much she could do. She wouldn't even heat-style it because she was terrified my hair would melt. My ends, when wet, looked like clear Chinese noodles. It was appalling.

I'm NOT new to haircare. I'm a hair and makeup artist for my photography company and I do them both very well. I've tried all kinds of products from the serums that are $50/oz. to Suave $2 shampoos and I have never, EVER had a haircare product screw up my hair to such BIBLICAL proportions. In fact, I can't even think of one that has done anything like that at all! I've even used OTC bleaching kits and nothing like that happened.

So, in total, even though I got the kit on clearance (also should have tipped me off) here is what I lost:

-Garnier Kit: $5.00+6% tax=$6.50

-30 minute deep conditioning treatment at salon: $30.00

-trim that turned into a cut: $10.00

-tip: $10.00 (Over 15%, yes, but they all treated me like a human being instead of scolding me for using something like that and knocked down their prices because they felt awful for me.)

Garnier products have always been sub-par in comparison to other haircare products. From their finishing products being too heavy, greasy, or "gummy" in the hair, to their hair color not performing any differently from discount brands. The ONLY Garnier product I will ever continue to purchase is their moisturizing gel that is a clear knockoff of Clinique's Moisture Surge. Besides that, never again.

Monetary Loss: $57.

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This actually happened to me too! I also had processed hair and it completely fried my hair!

I too had the awful smell and it scared me, so I took it off a little early. My hair was completely fried! It fell out more and more each day. I still have problems with hair thinning to this day (8 years later) it still makes me anxious when I think about it!

When my hair was damp it would break off in chunks! I had to wear wigs for two years! If it rained my hair would break! Forget swimming.

The most terrifying hair experience that still affects me!

So sorry you had to go through this as well.. Curious to if you have lasting damage (scalp) like I do.


So you knowingly bought and used a cheap, on-clearance product from a brand you've admitted to knowing to be supbar....

Then you're upset when you end up looking cheap and sup-par yourself? Priceless .....

to Anonymous #1515518

So rude! Nobody expects to ruin there hair from a simple product claiming to repair your hair! Shame on you for judging her.


Try going to a children's cancer ward at the local hospital and see what kind of hair problems they have. Count your blessings lady.

to Anonymous #1036985

To Anonymous, how dare you! If it were your hair you would be *** a fit.

Yes children cancer centers are so sad I lost a baby sister to cancer but what right do you have to belittle or judge this woman a bad product is a bad product and if it should not have been used on processed hair then it should have many warnings not to use it. Why would you be so hateful? Why do you bother to come on here and hate on people.

This site is to complain about these type of issues. Get Off Of it..........

to Anonymous Hampton, Georgia, United States #1141672

She doesn't have cancer, nor did she use the product on a CHILD that does have cancer. So WHY should she give ANY thought to going to cancer ward to compare her ruined hair to someone she doesn't know, let alone a child....ridiculousness. Perhaps, you deal with all your life problems by trolling hospital wards, then counting blessings that it's someone else and not you suffering, feel better and then face the next day.....NOT everyone does that.


The product may have been defective or past its use by date. But I'm going to suggest that part of the problem was that your hair was over-processed to begin with and something in this product was the "last straw". It may not have damaged healthier hair.


If you only spent $10 on a cut at a salon I'm guessing it wasn't the best salon in your area, unless you're from somewhere remote. That's even cheaper than mastercuts. I'm a hair stylist and I know I could have layered your hair better.

to Anonymous #1142959

The reason they didn't charge me for the cut it because it's someone who knows me and refused to charge me for the cut because she was so upset that my hair ended up that way. She was the person who originally colored my hair from dark brown to blonde.

I understand the confusion though. I still paid for the conditioning treatment --which she only charged me the bare minimum for it-- and tipped her because I told her to "knock it off" by not letting me tip lol. She really did all she could. This was a very insane situation.

I contacted garnier, numerous times, and they said the batches were up-to-date, but then I asked several hair stylists in my area about the results and I heard, so far, 4 other stories very much like mine. Not saying you were hateful (other commenters have been) but I didn't write this for hate, I wrote this as a warning to other women because I spent a ton of $$ maintaining this awesome platinum blonde hair with NO damage, and I'd hate to see someone else experience it.

Thankfully this was years ago, but the product still exists and I've seen a lot of negative reviews online as well. Thank you for actually being nice ^_^

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