Garnier Nourishing Color Cream Hair Dye Reviews

Garnier - Brittle Applicator Bottle Exploded in my hands
Garnier hair color applicator bottle cracked and exploded when I began applying to my hair, sending hair color spatters all over me, my bathroom walls, floor, woodwork, etc. I found spatters five feet away! The bottle was just too brittle and flimsy. I called the company and they were so cavalier about it... they did send a label so I could return the product to them. The letter said they "want to know whenever a product does not meet...
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I liked
  • I like the color
I didn't like
  • Flimsy bottle that cracked and spewed hair color
I purchased Garnier Nourishing Color Crème - New/Magnetic Browns - #31/Darkest Ash Brown and used it on my hair. My hair came out to an "AVATAR" blue!!! Unfortunately, I did not have time to re-dye and had to go to work this way!!! After work, I had to run to the store and purchase another brand of hair dye to fix this issue. I, unfortunately, could not take pic's as my work schedule is very busy and I could not walk around with blue hair....
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Garnier Nourishing Color Cream Hair Dye Review

My hair fell out after using it. It keeps on falling out and it's making me mad