I found Garnier's new product Olia hair color on the shelves at Wal-Mart this morning and decided to give it a try. I have used boxed hair color in the past and have always had good luck.

I used shade darkest brown 3.0. Following the directions I rinsed the hair color out in the shower and upon applying the conditioner noticed that my hair was coming out in clumps!

Not only is my hair thinner, damaged and NOT the color I thought it would be now I have to live with the fact that this supposedly "great" product made a lot of my hair fall out! I am so upset and would NEVER recomend this product to anyone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Garnier Hair Dye.

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to K8-O Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1273598

I haven't dyed my hair since late July 2016. I believe I lost around 50%-60% of hair within weeks.

Only used the dye once & didn't feel any burning that I can remember. My hair was shedding in an alarming way as soon as I was washing the product out. I can now see some hair regrowing but it hasn't made much difference to my scalp yet.

I haven't dyed my hair since. I would love to hear some positive stories of recovery from this.

to Anonymous Malta, Idaho, United States #1275260

We are not alone..I wish I would have reviewed this product before use! Many claims of dry, damaged, falling out hair are on about every critic page I have read about Olia.

No real consolation, but I am glad to hear that you see some new growth.

I used it twice before the real damage was evident. My hair is so thin now...strands are half the size they were and amount is about half, also...you can literally see my scalp in places.

I don't want to damage my hair further by recoloring it with any product, but hate the thought of gray!

Do you think rogaine for women might help this situation? I am ready to try anything!

to K8-O Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1276416

I think rogaine may help. If you have telogen effluvium then rogaine may kick your hair follicles back into the right cycle.

Usually you will experience more shedding though when you start rogaine so it's a scary thought when you are already loosing a lot of hair! If you have TE then you should be able to stop using rogaine and maintain the new hair.

I am not using rogaine but I am taking a low dose of minoxidil for the last 4 months. My hair seems so dry and it's like my scalp now doesn't even produce oil, very strange. I don't use heat on my hair and only tie it back.

My hair is too thin to wear out.

I understand what you mean about going gray.

There are some colour mascara products for hair you could use to colour some stray gray strands while you try allow your scalp to heal.

It's really hard finding some positive stories of recovery from this. I would really love some encouragement as I don't want my hair to be like this permanently :-(


Been using 9.0 for three or four years. Lustrous results - no ammonia smell!

The only mistake I've made is I've forgotten to use the supplied condition #3... and my hair was very flat for about a week until I washed and conditioned several times.

Now I make sure I use the supplied conditioner (generously) and leave it in for at least 5 to 10 minutes. I'm very happy with the results!


Did your daughter's hair grow back ok?


I used Garnier because Consumer Reports highly rated it and my hair immediately started falling out


I'd like yo know how you are now. This is happening to me.

How long did it take to stop hair falling out? Have you recovered?


Garnier hair color has some ingredient that has women avoiding it...I found out a little late and lost about half my beautiful hair! In my 50s it won't even regrow that easily! Got an expensive wig now to help until my scalp heals!

to Anonymous Napanee, Ontario, Canada #1103417

My hair is still falling out. I had all kinds of bloodwork done, everything fine.

It is Garnier. Still my hair continues to fall out and I haven't dyed it since November! I think it has caused permanent damage to my follicles. It seems that way.

I am utterly depressed. I unknowingly destroyed my hair....Planning to shave it off..Can't take seeing it all over the place and coming out in clumps in the shower anymore.

:********* Shame on you Garnier. I'd like to sue your a$$es but money won't heal my scalp!

to devastated North Versailles, Pennsylvania, United States #1119296

Same here!! I haven't used it since August of 2015 and my hair is still falling out!!!

to ChelleBelle33 #1135789
it is now March. .actually almost April..hair still falling out!

I believe this is permanent damage to root follicles.

They should be held accountable. This is a disgrace.
to ChelleBelle33 #1199636

Has the hair loss stopped? Did you have to wear a wig? I'm having the same issues and are very stressed right now :-(

to devastated #1332413

Any improvement in your hair

to devastated #1340907

I thought I finally found my perfect color match. After looking up about this product making hair fall out I'm now convinced that is what is happening to my hair.

Unbelivable! I always thought hair color would give more volume and shine never crossed my mind that it would do this. My beautician thought I must be needing meds for thyroid. I also have been using Rogaine and have made hair clips from human hair to help while my hair grows back.

I'm now not very optimistic about regrowth. Maybe I should just go grey.

If anyone is going to do a class action suit against them. COUNT ME IN!

Lagrange, Georgia, United States #1087577

I totally agree. I've used Garnier hair color several times and just trusted their products, so I decided to use Olia.

Well low and behold when my hair dresser started to wash out the color and shampoo my hair, it started coming out in clumps.

I ended up having to cut my hair down to a short hair style just to cover the damage. I would not ever recommend this product to my enemy.


I also used this thinking it would be better for my hair than the ammonia based products or even salon color. I couldn't believe it when my hair started coming out in clumps -- not just breaking off at the ends but actually from the roots.

I was horrified!

The hair loss continued for many weeks and I'm not convinced it will ever all grow back. This is one of the worst products I have ever tried.

I can't believe it's still on the market. Garnier, shame on you.

to Anonymous #1209610

Can you please tell me how many weeks you experienced hair loss? Has your hair grown back?


It took 3 boxes of hair dye 6 weeks apart to figure out the dye was making my HAIR FALL OUT!!!!!! And its not just ilia doing this I used garner foam and garner nutrisse.

I went to the doctor had blood work came out perfect thought it was my new brush maybe burnt my hair nope. It was garner!!!!! I am really afraid I'm going to go bald my hair is so thin it barely goes in a bun. I have long hair to the middle of my back.

The ends are like thin string now. I am depressed and don't know what to do. Will it ever grow back????

I'm so glad I found these reviews this is devastated. How many other people are loosing there hair from this ***????


It is 10/31/2015 and I just finished using Garnier Olia, medium goolden brown. I also noticed more hair than usual in my hands.

Just hope not more comes out. My hair felt dry after using it.

And the conditioner has way too much perfume in it to be hair-healthy. Disappointed because the color was a nice match.


Same thing happening to me. I used this product 2 to 3 months ago.

My hair started to fall out since the moment i dyed it with olia. Lot of hair came off while Washing off olia. Then everytime i wash my hair, chunk of hair fall out everything.

I can grap a chuck of it and pull them out. Still happening after 2 mons dying with Olia.

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