I found Garnier's new product Olia hair color on the shelves at Wal-Mart this morning and decided to give it a try. I have used boxed hair color in the past and have always had good luck.

I used shade darkest brown 3.0. Following the directions I rinsed the hair color out in the shower and upon applying the conditioner noticed that my hair was coming out in clumps!

Not only is my hair thinner, damaged and NOT the color I thought it would be now I have to live with the fact that this supposedly "great" product made a lot of my hair fall out! I am so upset and would NEVER recomend this product to anyone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Garnier Hair Dye.

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You need to make a complaint with you local Better Business Bureau. Make sure to tell them everything that happened to your hair.


six months ago I had the most luscious strong silky hair of anyone I've known. Kids would hang from it.

Straight guys (like myself) would complement me on it at parties and bars, even though it was against their nature to do so and their jealousy showed a bit. No sign of receding hairline or thinning. Definitely one of my best features.-

Used Olia, 3days later hair went bone straight, then dry and tangly- didn't feel like my hair! Day4 it started falling out on floor, shower, hands- at an alarming rate.

Started trying EVERYTHING to stop it -all natural hair products, supplements, doctors tests, diet changes etc etc.- has it triggered Telogen Effluvium? an allergic reaction? damaged follicles?It's been just about 7 months and still falling out 300+/day how can my scalp still be feeling this?

And will it ever stop? I have less than 30% left and losing my mind

to freakin out #1210605

Has your hair loss stopped? Has your hair grown back? I'm interested to see how you are now


I just used this product for the first time today in the shade soft blue black and A CLUMP of my hair fell out, i followed the directions and everything, ive been dying my hair for 3 years now and today was the first time using a boxed dye.. Never again. I DO NOT recommend olia


I just tried this on my gray hair. Left it on for 40 minutes and used the whole tube of conditioner for 10 minutes under shower cap.

Very happy with results. I am skeptical about using it again after reading these reviews but so far so good.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #970808

To those fools saying you should have tested it out. Dont be so naive.

Its a chemical reaction and normally wouldnt show on the patch test. I also tried it and mu hair was fine. Now there are two bald spots on both sides of my hair. I wish i checked this first.

I have been crying day in day out. I dont know what to do am embarassed and my self esteem is destroyed.

I washed my hair out today hoping itll stop shedding. Lets just pray there is a solution for this.

to Raerae #1008899

How long ago did you use this product?

Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States #966187

I used Garnier Full & Plush shampoo and conditioner and my hair came out

to Essie #1098993

Same here. My hair was the thickest, strongest, and longest it's ever been up until a few weeks ago.

I usually use bought Garnier Fructis sleek and shine or herbal essence, but I tried GF Full and Plush because it was on sale and thought what the hey why not. A couple of weeks of using the shampoo and conditioner along with the blow dry cream stuff and my hair had been falling out in big clumps every day, every time I shower brush my hair or blow dry (not often) it's just devastating! My hair is really thin now, and brittle and looks like ***.

I'm so disappointed in this product it ruined my beatiful hair which is almost down to my butt. Hair that long doesn't look good of it's thin and scraggly.

Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia #953543

I was minutes of my hair turning to jelly ,if I wasn't talking online to my hairdresser friend I wouldn't have hair today , it formed matted dreadlocks and my scalp was hot , I had to wash it twice ,pour a litre of milk on my scalp and smother in conditioner til morning , never again with I trust this product .

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #916256


I had virgin hair that I wanted to have a richer colour to it. I thought this would be the safest option.

My hairline is receding dramatically after three weeks.

I have noticed fall-out on my pillow, bathroom floor and in the shower.

I have also noticed a lot of flyways and as well and my hair was strong and silky prior.

I am unsure of what to do at this point as my roots are growing back. I am off to see a colourist ASAP.

to Daniella Toronto, Ontario, Canada #954829

I used this product 6 times before dumb me figured out it was Olia causing my hair loss ( now up to 90 % breakage..getting my hair ((what's left)) buzzed off today) all my beautiful long hair that now looks like Mange..thought it was my health failing or something ..ran to doctor and she said HAIR DYE ..OLIA .

This is a crime and this company should be made to pay ..Class Action Anyone ?

to Hairless #1015634

How long ago did you use this product? I am loosing my hair like crazy and I only used it twice.

to Anonymous #1092286

I used this product in Sept, Oct and Nov different shades and my hair is falling out. Also the black would not wash out for months.

Yes. MONTHS. I am utterly horrified at what is happening. Is it permanent damage to follicles?


Someone please let us know if your hair grew back! Please!

to Hairless #1210606

Did your hair grow back ok? Have you recovered from the hair loss?

to Hairless Northampton, Massachusetts, United States #1294311

Just figured out that this product has ruined my hair. I always got compliments on my thick long hair. Now it's a dry tangled mess, and it's falling out, just in time for my daughter's wedding!

Wow. Finally connecting the dots now.

My hair has been thinning a lot and coming out more than usual and is starting to "recede" in the front especially. Had blood work done to test for hormonal imbalance, etc. but all came up normal. It MUST be the Olia colour.

I've used it maybe 3 times at the most but my hair is in the WORST shape it has ever been...and I have been colouring my hair for more than 15 years. I trusted this company and was excited it was ammonia free, oil based.

I'm now taking supplements, using biotin shampoo...all in the hope I can reverse the damage this horrible product has caused. Back to Loreal sublime mousse for me...should never have switched :( AVOID Olia!!!!!

I used this same brand because consumer reports recommended it. I did experience hair loss immediately afterwards. I always assumed it was a coincidence??


I'm facing the same problem since about 2 months ago.... has anyone found a solution to this

hair fall already...

or any remedy to stop it... pls do share if you have a way to stop this.....

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #886732

I regret the day I ever decided to try this hair color. I have been coloring my hair for 30 years now, to cover the grey.

My hair fell out in clumps. My only solution was to let my hair go completely grey again. My only small salvation was that his Olia did not do a very good job at covering the grey, so I only had to wait about 2 months for it to disappear 100% from my scalp. When my hair was completely grey again and I used my regular brand and I haven't had any more hair falling out.

It will be a very long while before all my hair grows back, but at least it is no longer falling out. I hate, hate, hate, this product. I know it's not very comforting to hear at this moment when your hair is falling out, but it will stop.

My advice is to not use any other coloring product, until Olia is completely out of your hair. I am wishing you all the best.

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