I've been coloring my hair for years.I usually use L'oreal hair color, or Nice n Easy.

I saw this product and thought the oil formula, and supposedly nice fragrance sounded like it would be good for my hair. I chose 8.13 Champagne Blonde because it was the color I usually used with the other products, and it's a not too much lighter than my natural color. I followed the instructions carefully because this was a new product. My hair turned very dark, like almost black while it was processing.

I rinsed it out and used the conditioner. It smelled ok. But, after I dried my hair it was a very dark ash color. It looked nothing like the picture on the box.

I was hoping that after a couple of shampoos it would look better, but I was wrong. Now my hair is still an ash color, (yes I know the difference between Champagne and Ash) but now it has a hint of green to boot.Please be careful when you use this product.

Read the reviews, (I wish I had), know that there are much better, and safer, products out there.I'm going to call Clarol and ask them what I can do about getting my hair back to normal.

Review about: Garnier Hair Dye.

Monetary Loss: $10.


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Kenova, West Virginia, United States #1346279

I've used Garnier hair color before in the past and was pleased..However, this past time while I was applying the color,it started turning my hair a lime green.

I quickly washed it out and took it back.I was very concerned why it did that; I'm gonna stick with a product that hasn't failed me yet., Loreal

Austin, Texas, United States #933663

How did you fix the greyish/green color from the Olia?

Patience, Alberta, Canada #768194

Wow.I wanna cry over this *** hair color.

Grey!! Green!! I tried other brands of hair dye to cover it and even the darkest colors wouldn't work i could still see green and grey! I tried color b4 (color oops) and it took out all the dye except for Olia!

. How did you guys fix this?? My hair was a gorgeous natural light blonde and it's super long. I spend the last 4 years growing it out.

Soooo pissed.I'm even helping my local store write off all their olia so no other girl has to go through this ever

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #676781

Same with me.I used 9.0 on my light blonde hair, and with the Olia, it came out dishwater brackish with a green tint.

I posted on their Facebook page (on a Sunday) and they said "so sorry, call us tomorrow." Seriously...

who can wait till tomorrow to fix such a mess!This product is dangerous.

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #667868

I chose dark beige blonde, I have blonde hair anyway but it was more golden I though of trying a different shade.When I dried my hair it was a lot darker than it was on the box - even though I had lighter to start with...

And it was an ashy colour and almost green!!!

The colour on the box didnt even look like an ash colour or I wouldn't have bought it!Very disappointed!

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