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Garnier Olia Hair Dye Review from Simpsonville, South Carolina 2 of 2 people found it helpful
His was my first and last time using the oliva hair color.Not only was half the product stuck in the squeeze tube but i didnt have enough product to cover even HALF of my head once it was all mixed. That guant egg shaped bottle is a nightmare! It slipped roght out of my palm TWICE and shot hair dye all over my bathroom. It was a nightmare and the dye was in the squeeze tubes, the giant bottle and my walls not my hair in the end. Will never buy...
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I really wish I had seen this before I used the olia hair dye. I'm very healthy, always used box dye before and even did the hair/skin test so I proceeded with the application. Worst mistake of my life!!! I have cried every single day and I have to wear a wig with no end in sight. I hope garnier and all of its horrible products meet an end worthy of all the trouble it has caused. I tell everyone that will listen and I hope the company loses its...
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