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I dyed my hair over a month ago now. And since washing out...and every single day since.....my hair has been falling out at an insanely alarming rate....

clumps every single time i brush and or wash plus its all over mt clothes/pillows/everythingggggg. .like...handfulls a day.... im 4.5 months post partum and thought maybe that had something to do with it but my scalp has felt tingly and itchy every since the day i dyed it. And that is exactly when this started.

Im beyond devastated.

If anyone has any good news about it ever stopping.... please....by all means give me some hope!

Product or Service Mentioned: Garnier Olia Hair Dye.

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If you worry about the project, you can try to do hair jet peel. It can help u clean the sclap and go to hair salon professionally wash off the Color for you!


Its likely the post partum. You dont lose hair when you’re pregnant or at a drastically reduced rate.

So the cycle picks back up after you have the baby. Itll slow down and return to a natural rate, or you can try vividcal to stop that cycle again

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