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I bought Garnier Olia hair dye because it looked like it would be healthy for my hair. I had not died my hair in a very long time so it had a blank canvas.

Didnt have any other dyes on my hair interfering. I used 6.35 light chestnut brown. now keep in mind my hair was already a light brown, it just seemed dull to me and I wanted to brighten it up. This product turned my hair koolaid orange.

I was pissed so I called Customer service and the lady was incredibly rude made me sound *** saying that chestnut is a red color but the color chart on the back of the box had no red whatsoever. She sent me a check for $10 and told me to use light ash brown to get rid of any of the red. she didn't seem to understand my hair was not red it was orange. so reluctantly I tried what she said and sure enough it just turned my hair a lighter orange.

needless to say I am NOT using this product EVER! and I will definitely not recommend it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Garnier Hair Dye.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Well I have to disagree, I have used this product a few times, I had brown hair and used a dye to go red. Then this product came out and now I wouldnt turn back.

I think if u people have had bad "luck" then I suggest that u do a test on a strand of hair. Its just plain common sense.

I cant slate this product.

Well done to this product and company.

to La Roux #786570

"Common sense"? Read the hundreds of comments about this awful product from people who DID THE STRAND TEST!!!

London, England, United Kingdom #701208
Same here disappointed and a waste of time brought the very light blonde and it also turned my blonde hair grey too! how can they allow that to go on shelves without a warning it may turn already light hair into grey? :(

I used 6.35 light chestnut brown also.

Now I have red hair.

Since I can't find a way to get rid of the red, and I don't want to ruin my hair trying, I will just have to let it wear off.

Off to buy ponytail holders!!

Don't buy this product.

Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada #637549

Was just doing a root touchup and the light blonde dye turned my hair GREY!! I think it was the cheap gloves!

Should have listened to myself, knowing they were ***! I want my money back, PLUS compensation for the professional dye job I now need!!!

Where do I send an email to? the box is very un-informative and I will be trying the phone number in the morning....

San Francisco, California, United States #629477

My hair is light blond so I used lightest cool blond and my

hair turned dark gray with Garnier Olia.

It was so dark that I had to spend $l5.00 for color oops hair

color removal to get the color out.

And then another $l0.00 for the color I used before.

Thank goodness it worked.

Your product is the worst, who do I call to to at least get

my money back?


Chestnut has red tones.

to HelenaHanbasket1 #845298

It's also not literally red or orange. Red tones are one thing; chocolate browns, mochas, and chestnuts do ALL contain red undertones.

But this lady said specifically, 'koolaid orange.' That's clearly NOT chestnut brown nor any representation of the shade depicted on the box. C'mon now.

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland #597836


I purchased the same brand 10.0 was the color which was a fab blonde so I said I'd try it, IT TURNED HALF OF MY HAIR SILVER.


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