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Granite olio black non ammonia hairdye

Hi I buy your product- Garnier olio black non ammonia hair-dye- product slot. I follow your instructions to the tee but was just wandering what would happen if I mixed the conditioner with the other two tubes 1 and 2? Will it harm my scalp and cause a reaction - what is the impact if I do not use the conditioner separately but mix it with the other : contents?


Skin Care Product Question

Hi: I have a couple of questions are your products all natural and what are the best products or product I can use for uneven skin tone and skin aging..



I'm so pissed off this is the 4 th time no hair dye in box somebody pls call meso pissed off


NO Gloves in the Box

Been using you product for quite a long time this afternoon there were NO gloves in the box. A Very bad experience - I know this is for Questions but I did not see any other way to let you know

this had happened. Very problematic


Bb cream

Hi I was wonder. If u guys still make bb cream. Medium deep oily free with SPF


Hair products

cant Find garnier fructis instant detangler 150ml. Is it still made??


Discontinued color

Is there anywhere I can find my discontinued hair color garnier olia natural light alburn it is the only color that matches my natural hair. I was very disappointed to hear it was discontinued.


Highlight Color

I like your 50 for overall color. What would be a good highlight color for just the strands to frame my face?

I heard one step lighter is good. I don't quite understand your numbers - higher is lighter, then you have the triple digit colors.


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