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Immediately after using this product a third time, I had a severe allergic reaction. I don't know if one can develop an allergy to anything or if Garnier is legally responsible, or if the FDA doesn't test these products enough, but it was one of the worst things I had ever experienced.

I had never had contact dermatitis (diagnosed by the Urgent Care physician) and never had sensitivities to shampoos or conditioners before, but I was on corticosteroids for more than 6 weeks (no picnic with the side effects), and my life was put on hold for all that time. Still have some sensitivity on scalp and palms. Garnier offered to pay for out of pocket medical expenses which thankfully were minimal, but it doesn't make up for the experience or the time lost.

I used to buy their products, but obviously, no more! Wish I could narrow down which ingredient it was.

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i used a garnier shampoo and conditioner and broke out in intense hives all over my feet, hands, neck, stomach, and back.


had the same exact experience and the company did nothing. I continue to have an itchy scalp for for a week and continue to take oral steroids. There needs to be a warning on the label!


I am allergic to their conditioner as well. Not to the point i had to get treatment but man for a week i do nothing but itch and scratch. I have swelling and a rash in back of my head where sinuses are and it does burn somewhat.


Ever since I used Garnier Fructos shampoo and conditioner (the orange bottle), I’ve had severe itchy flaky scalp which is spreading to my neck and forehead. I’ve never had this before using Garnier Fructis. Should I go see a doctor or change shampoo back to organic brand and hope it goes away by itself?

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1317807

Garnier Sleek and Shine conditioner and shampoo gave me rash all over my face, tops of my feet, my face! It is the worst contact rash ever and I am currently suffering from the pain.

Anywhere shampoo ran down my body as I rinsed off my hair has rash. My husband used the shampoo and his lymph nodes on his face and behind his ears swelled up! It is disgusting the amount of chemicals put in our products now.

We were using a natural shampoo and will NEVER buy any of these shampoos again, especially garnier Fructis. DISGUSTED!!!!!!!!!!


I do believe that there is something in this causing allergies and, people may not even realize it's their shampoo & conditioner. Both my daughter and I used this product and, now we are having some type of reaction.

I was diagnosed with nummular Dermatitis after using this. That's how bad the rash got. It was all over my body.

My daughters head, neck and shoulders were irritated every time she used this. This is not a good product!

Aurora, Colorado, United States #1257707

I just started using Fructis garnier sleek and shine 3 days ago...my whole face has a rash on it. My back, neck, shoulders, arms.

I'm also allergic to some ingredient. That was a waste of $10.

Because it was a package of shampoo conditioner and oil treatment. I used their hair mouse before and didn't see these issues.

to Anonymous #1383393

how long did the rash last. Because I have the same thing all over my hands, head, back, shoulder, and stomach

to anonymous #1540152

I had a horrible rash and whole body itching. Finally I stopped the use of this Fructis shampoo and all went away!

BAD stuff !!!! DO NOT USE IT!

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