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To: Garnier President and C.E.O.

This specific Garnier product is etremely dangerous and life treathning.

It seems the chemical compound doses mixing diffrent each time. Each box chemical doses mixing are different.

I had severe difficulties of breathing; my lungs feels burning. Look at my face. :(

I have included some pictures of my deformed face; resulting the used of your product.

Please take action; I have suffered this sircumsatnces due to your product. I was unable to work and wear mask and sun glasses to go out to the store and to the public.


Josephine C.

Reason of review: Chemical issues.

Preferred solution: Can not afford to go ER no insurance. Look at the Deformed face; and potential damage can be possible. Lungs was burning and severe problem breathin. Is this a los? Can not work do too this issue. .

I didn't like: Life threatning.

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Whoa! Looks like plastic surgery gone haywire!! Purty lips though :)


Looks like you had an allergic reaction. Did you follow directions and do a strand test first?


That really sucks, sorry you had to go through that. I've seen this before which is why I stopped coloring my hair at home.




I am sure you did a test piece before doing your whole head right? Did you read your directions?

You are dealing with chemicals.

and that is the reason they have that in the instructions. What happened to you sucks but you brought it on yourself.

to Anonymous #1047188

What the *** is your problem? Just because you can test a patch on your head doesn't mean you'll know that adverse effects once applied. I hope you get hit by a car.

to Anonymous #1047787

You are absolutely right! Since following instructions and having personal responsibility is soooooo much work, let's just go slather chemicals on our head and hope for the best.

PS I look before I cross the street while you seem like a look down and hope for the best kind of ***. Good luck with that!

to Anonymous #1067363

my girl friend had a bad reaction similar. a qualified hairdresser coloured her hair and tested before hand,, she suffered severe red itchy scalp,swollen red face , eyes closed up and was sick the next evening,, it ruined her 200 mile trip for her birthday with my family..

the hairdresser said she had come across it before but never so bad because sometimes the chemicals sometimes are different in a bottle and the darker the hair the stronger the chemicals are,

also these are banned in the USA and some in the EU,

They can be long lasting for years so try and use Natural Organic. My partner went to the doctor he was very concerned

we had to pay for injection,tablets hair oils etc but the suffering is the worst,, Is it worth it not in our opinion


Oh wow, thank you for sharing! Had no idea it could cause reactions, such as this.

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