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This is by far the best instant wrinkle eraser on the market!!! Why are you taking this off the shelves?

I have read many, many comments regarding this. I mean, OPI brought back "Cajun Shrimp" by a demanding mass so will you put 5 Second Blur back on the shelves? I have ordered what I can online but even that is difficult. Hope that your Board of Directors (or whomever makes these marketing decisions) reconsiders ---- or is fired.

This is a product that is effective, fast (hence the "5 Second") and looks spectacular. It is so easy to use and you can even touch it up later in the day if necessary.

Don't be surprised if a 60-something rebellion against Garnier emerges as a result of your poor marketing decision.............. I refuse to inject toxins into my face ............

Product or Service Mentioned: Garnier 5 Second Blur Face Cream.

Reason of review: Pulling Product From Sales.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Garnier Cons: Seeing this disappear.

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When is disappeared in the UK years ago it disappeared overnight. It was not discontinued because it was removed from every shop the same day so I agree with some of his comments and there must’ve been something in it that was deemed not safe.

However it worked so well that I would purchase it anyway but £50 is excessive. I think they should bring it back give a good reason why they’re not


Agreed! Best product I’ve found in years!! Why discontinue this cream when so many rave about it?!


I agree! Please, please bring Garnier 5 second blur back!

As everyone here is saying, it is the BEST product of its kind on the market.

I am totally reliant on it!! This should be the product you are most proud of, it’s your best accomplishment in skin care!


Being back Garnier 5 sec blur...please!


I totally agree and I don't understand the reasoning. This is a fantastic product!

The best. Amazon is selling it for over $50.00.

Garnier should rethink this decision. Katherine Franco


My sentiments exactly !


Why have you taken this 5 Sec Blur off the market?’it was the best ever! Your other products are not close to it, I will be through with Garnier if it is not returned.


Please start making this again!!!!


WTH!!!! This is the best product I've ever used.

Why, WHY is it discontinued???

I would like an explanation for taking this off the market. I'm extremely pissed


This is the best smoother I have ever used please bring it back. I want to order some.I love it.


I am still currently paying $100 for a small tube of garnier 5 second blur from Europe. This is madness!

Please just bring it back.

There is no other creams in existence. I can not survive without it.


I feel the same- I don’t understand why they would get rid of such a great product. No explanation either Bring it back!!!!!!


Could not agree more with all the comments! The only decent real blur product why have they discontinued it?!?!


I also am very displeased Garnier discontinued 5 Second Blur. It was the best primer on the market I have ever used.

And at my age, that's saying something. Please bring it back.


With so many disgruntled customers in regard to the discontinued 5 sec Blur and no company response, I am beginning to think this product (also my favorite) must have contained ingredients which were not suitable for use or infact dangerous. Is this why the product was discontinued? And if so, by using it have we put our health at risk?


This is the only blur product that works AND flawlessly takes make-up over it. Please bring back!!!


I don’t find the other products by Garnier work as well as the 5 second blur does/did! For a moisturizer AND smoothing, it’s the only product that has concealed my under eye puffiness from my allergies. Please please bring this product back!


I need Garnier 5 second blur-- I've tried other products and they are not the same. Garnier 5 second blur is the best - it takes 20 years off my age when I use.


I'm very disappointed that 5 Second Blur has been discontinued. Garnier recommends one of their moisturizers in its place.

I used it for is light defusing effect, not as a moisturizer. The product they recommend says nothing about that property.


Bring back garnish 5 second blur. It was the best!!!!!!!

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